When choosing a propane supplier, you want someone that understands your needs.  The employees of Edison Propane live in the area they serve, so we know that each individual has different requirements but still wants dependable, flexible, and friendly customer service.

Rest assured, whether you are a new customer, potential customer, or an existing customer, Edison Propane is the wise choice for all of your propane needs.

Edison Propane
Quality, reliable service
Quote from owner, Russell Freeman:
“In 2007 I needed to order propane and couldn’t get it delivered locally.  I had to have it trucked in from Colorado Springs and paid a hefty delivery fee. After talking to a number of people with similar problems and hearing stories of terrible customer service, we decided to open our business, Edison Propane.”
  • ESTABLISHED- Edison Propane is a locally owned and operated propane provider that has been in the business since October of 2008 serving eastern Colorado businesses and residents.
  • CAPABLE- Our staff services Yoder, Ellicott, Calhan, and various communities throughout El Paso and surrounding counties.
  • SERVICE ORIENTED- All of our personnel are focused on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and most importantly, propane safety.  We embrace the idea that our customers are why we are here.  We strive to show your importance to us by offering outstanding service, competitive pricing, and our friendly staff.
  • ETHICAL- High standards of integrity and customer care are a mainstay throughout our organization.
 As a customer, there are more than a few things you should expect from your propane supplier- good customer service, respect, and competitive pricing top the list.  Edison Propane is committed to these values, and more. Edison Propane is committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers.

Edison Propane offers a home safety program called Gas Check that ensures efficiency and safety in homes utilizing propane fuel. Technicians with special training on how to inspect propane appliances, storage tanks, and piping will check your entire propane gas system for leaks and make sure all regulations and industry standards are satisfied.

We are excited about the changes occurring at Edison Propane as we grow and become a leader in propane distribution in your community.